Get a Grip on Your Database Users

DbRhino is a secure, centralized way to add and remove teammates and application users to all your databases. Easily know who has access to what and confidently change permissions.

All Your Grants, Centralized

DbRhino is your single source of truth for database grants across all your databases. Know who has access to what and confidently change permissions.

Secure Passwords

Never email / slack / or write down passwords again. Allow your teammates to securely set and change their own passwords.

Grant Templates

Templates allow you to write your grants one time, use them across your databases, and even write grants you never could before.

One-click Revocation

Teammate left? Remove them from all your databases in one click.

Contractors Come and Go

Got contractors? They join, need access, and then leave. DbRhino ensures you know exactly what permissions they have and that their rights can be easily revoked.

Unlock New Powers

Write grant statements that you never could before with DbRhino's templating system.


DbRhino is built by engineers who have struggled to easily and securely provide access to a multitude of databases. With no good system for keeping track of who was granted access where, we found ourselves constantly diving into database internals. Now, we want to bring the best-in-class way to manage database users and their permissions to everyone.

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